Farway Fledglings Early Years' Unit

Fledglings Foundation Stage Unit

The Farway Fledglings Early Years Group offers sessional care for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and incorporates our current reception children. We offer child led and adult initiated activities and free play sessions.

The fledglings meet between 9:00am and 3:30pm every day of the week (Monday to Friday).

We are recruiting Fledglings

If you are interested in paying us a visit and seeing the provision that we offer please telephone the Farway Church of England Primary School on 01404 871239.

What do we offer?
We work with parents & carers closely. Starting school is a very important time in any child’s life and we aim to make the transition as seamless as possible. At Farway, we offer a very successful induction programme and transition into Primary School. We believe very much in working with parents and carers, and you are always welcome to pop in and discuss your needs or concerns.

We always have your child’s best interests at heart, and we offer a warm, caring and safe environment for them to grow, learn and develop their own unique personalities.

Set in the heart of Farway valley, our children enjoy learning in an area of outstanding natural beauty. We like to get out and about in the village when we are able, to explore the surroundings and focus on the changes we can see as well as the things we can hear and discover.

Our children enjoy an excellent range of stimulating activities which promote individual development and a positive attitude to learning. Our Early Years’ group enjoys a high adult to child ratio, which enables the practitioners to know and understand your child well.


Farway Fledglings Autumn 2018

Outdoor Learning
We have been taking down our bean den and gathering the last of the beans.
This is a great picture of our children using our Creative Area independently. They are all so busy and engaged!
Autumn 2019
Autumn 2020
Daily Walks and Snail Races!
Summer 2021
During the summer term, the pre-school children have enjoyed pretending to make soup and making leek soup with an adult, picking and eating their home grown beans, letting their froglets go in the school pond, making pizza and lots lots more.
Autumn 2021
At Pre School, we collected apples from our Tom Putt apple tree. We counted all our apples, did apple printing and made a delicious apple crumble.