Royal Wedding Celebrations

Royal Wedding Celebrations
To celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the children at Farway came to school dressed in the colours of the Union Jack flag or as a member of the Royal family!
Throughout the day, the children learnt about the historical traditions of a royal wedding, who the members of the Royal family were, made comparisons from different weddings from around the world and role played what happens in a church wedding. 
Children also took turns during the day to take part in a range of royal wedding themed activities such as creating decorations, writing invitations and designing wedding cakes and dresses!
The commemorative day came to a celebratory end with a 'street party' style buffet of traditionally British party food, followed by more traditional British party games and songs. 
A great time was had by all and we wish Prince Harry and Meghan a wonderful wedding day and many years of happiness together!