Good Samaritan Awards

Good Samaritan Award - ‘Looking After Ourselves and Looking After Others’

Within The Jubilee Federation we wanted to reward children for completing tasks linked to areas within our PSHCE curriculum, so we devised The Good Samaritan Awards.

How does it work?

Children will be asked to complete tasks relating to the following areas; staying safe, keeping healthy, enjoying and achieving, economic wellbeing and making a positive contribution. The aim being to give children a broad and balanced view of society.

Each class will do a life skills activity each term ensuring all children are involved. To achieve their Red award the children will need to complete 5 challenges, including the class ones. White they will need to achieve 10 and for the Blue award they will need to complete 15 challenges. This will be over the course of the year.

If the children raise money for a charity by putting in extra effort they can win a Citizenship Award Certificate. For thinking of others, having an idea, putting in the hard work and raising money for a nominated charity.