School Uniform

As a school we have a logo which appears to the right and is embroidered on our school sweatshirt.

  • Red sweatshirt with logo (available from the school office)
  • Grey trousers (long or short)
  • White polo shirt with logo (available from the school office)
  • Mid grey/blue/white/black socks
  • Sensible black or brown shoes (no trainers or boots)
  • Red sweatshirt or cardigan with logo (available from the school office)
  • Grey skirt, tunic or trousers
  • White plain cotton shirt
  • Mid grey/red socks
  • Red tights
  • Red/white summer dress (striped/checked)
  • Sensible black or brown shoes (no trainers, boots or shoes with open toes or heels)
PE/Games Kit - Boys and Girls
  • Red plain quarter sleeve t-shirt
  • White socks
  • Black plain shorts/jogging bottoms
  • Black trainers
* Please note that a complete change of PE kit is required from everyday uniform including socks, plimsolls/trainers.
Outdoor Games
  • Red track suit top (warm)
  • Red track suit bottom (warm)
Water Bottles
Children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day and may bring a sports style bottle filled with water. Screw top bottles are not permitted.

Make-up, including nail varnish, should not be worn. If ears are pierced, only studs may be worn (one per ear) which must be removed for PE. In the interests of safety no other jewellery (including body piercings) is allowed.

All personal items should be clearly named. Clothing should be named with sew-in labels.

If your child is unable to wear the correct uniform, please send in an explanatory note.

Please note that due to restricted cloakroom space we ask you not to send belongings in large bags. Similarly for safety reasons we do not wish children’s property to be brought to school in plastic carrier bags.